Russian Wikipedia Threatening State

May 12, 2013 #solutions

Article here. Information is power.


• The Russian edition of Wikipedia is one of the most successful. Of the major Wikipedia language communities, Russian-speaking users arguably enjoy the least political freedom.

• The Russian government is apprehensive of Wikipedia’s independence, but editors have repeatedly shown political backbone in the face of the confrontation, including a blackout in protest against Internet censorship and the refusal of takedown requests.

• Wikimedia’s allies in Russia include the open source software community and the Russian Pirate Party. The most influential individual supporter is probably Pavel Durov, the head of Russia’s largest social network VK, but he appears to now be the target of a Kremlin campaign.

As a side note, I find it interesting that in articles like this, the political nature of wikipedia is just assumed, whereas in our country, contentious issues settled a particular way on wikipedia are considered a-political. Which is just wrong. If only someone could build a wikipedia for debate… hint hint hint hint hint

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