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Thank you Chrome Developers!

November 3, 2013 #ux

About a year ago I wrote the post pictured below requesting audio indicators and/or controls added to tabs. And lo and behold, they did it in the latest update to chrome. Sure, they’re just indicators and I requested controls, but still a big step in the right direction. Think of this as the little blog […]


October 28, 2013 #ux

Interesting piece here on ios7, discussing how in the effort to go minimalist, ios7 has incurred some serious usability debts. I agree with the author- things needs to look like what they are. Much easier to use.

secrets of ux

May 6, 2013 #ux

The dirty secret of UX is that very few actually try to optimize for users. The majority don’t because they just can’t afford to do it properly. And the ones that have the money choose not to because they want to optimize for their wallets. Of course if you were gonna do it properly, this […]

no to NoUI

April 1, 2013 #ux

Really insightful article by Timo Arnall over at elastic space. The argument is against all the recent “invisible interface” trend: Intentionally hiding the phenomena and materiality of interfaces, smoothing over the natural edges, seams and transitions that constitute all technical systems, entails a loss of understanding and agency for both designers and users of computing. […]

header over heels

March 28, 2013 #ux

Courtesy of Chris Coyier over at CSS Tricks. Highly recommended follow.

better spellcheck

March 10, 2013 #inventions, #ux

I just had an idea. Right now spellcheck lets you know when you fuck something up: But wouldn’t it be better if it worked like this: Now I’m wondering, did I just invent something, or does that exist?

dropdowns done right

March 6, 2013 #ux

I’ve previously mentioned massive dropdowns as an important UX trend, but this post from a dude at the amazing khan academy really takes the usability of these menu’s to the next level. Basically he covers how Amazon has a ninja level attention to detail, and it really makes a difference. The part of it about […]

Computer on your arm?

February 26, 2013 #inventions, #ux

These guys correctly identify a major problem with google glasses: “In looking at wearable computers, we realized there are problems with input for augmented-reality devices,” says Thalmic Labs co-founder Stephen Lake. “You can use voice, but no one wants to be sitting on the subway talking to themselves, and cameras can’t follow wherever you go.” […]

welcome chrome developers

February 26, 2013 #ux

The chrome devs are reading my blog and responding to my requests! Well, probably not. But they did just build a new feature where you will have a tiny audio indicator in each browser tab, to help you locate noisy tabs. It’s not the full play/pause control I posted about, but it’s certainly a step […]

hypem win, soundcloud fail

February 25, 2013 #ux

I sweat almost everything about the hype machine, and I was impressed to see something new they did recently. Shortly after I tweeted a link to a couple songs they have on their site, I got tweeted back: Credit for spreading the word! What an awesome feedback loop for your users. Sure, there’s some technical […]

future, fuck yeah

January 3, 2013 #inventions, #ux

Turns out Google isn’t the only gig in town experimenting with augmented reality and wearable peripherals. Apparently Microsoft spends more on R&D than Google and Apple combined. And I was surprised to learn about their approach to virtual reality being so far away from the eyes and projecting onto them. But how does that travel? […]

interaction design is about doing the obvious

December 30, 2012 #ux

I mean, should we really need an hour talk to know that we should focus strictly on what the user wants, and how to help them accomplish that goal? Apparently so.