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objective confirmation of global oligarchy

December 9, 2013 #solutions

Really interesting study done here. To be added to my monopoly essay soon. Thanks to the user who commented with the link. When we hear conspiracy theorist talk about this or that powerful group (or alliance of said groups) “pulling strings” behind the scenes, we tend to dismiss or minimize such claims, even though, deep […]


December 6, 2013 #solutions

What the fuck. Nobody will read my essay the monopoly, and yet people are writing really popular essays asking for an essay just like it? The top story on hacker news right now is called What the Flock, and it’s a very smart and cool piece, weaving enjoyably through a personal social history to arrive […]

Someone else owns your genes

May 15, 2013 #solutions

Pretty solid overview of the Present and Future of Gene Patents. Kinda pisses me off that patent law is slowing up progress. People who think the Cartel only impacts us financially are badly mistaken. If we had a proper system in place, we’d be significantly further along as a species by now, because shit like […]

Russian Wikipedia Threatening State

May 12, 2013 #solutions

Article here. Information is power. TL;DR… • The Russian edition of Wikipedia is one of the most successful. Of the major Wikipedia language communities, Russian-speaking users arguably enjoy the least political freedom. • The Russian government is apprehensive of Wikipedia’s independence, but editors have repeatedly shown political backbone in the face of the confrontation, including […]

One hospital $8,000 another $38,000

May 9, 2013 #solutions, #symptoms

For the first time, the federal government will release the prices that hospitals charge for the 100 most common inpatient procedures. Until now, these charges have been closely held by facilities that see a competitive advantage in shielding their fees from competitors. What the numbers reveal is a health-care system with tremendous, seemingly random variation […]

too big to jail

March 30, 2013 #solutions, #symptoms

Bernie Sanders seems to be fighting the right fight, but without much broader political support, this won’t happen. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. now says the Justice Department may not pursue criminal cases against big banks because filing charges could “have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.” “In […]

legalize gay

March 18, 2013 #solutions

Apparently there’s a section of the Alabama penal code that requires sexual education teachers to emphasize “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and that homosexual conduct is a criminal offense.” Yet another reminder that our understanding of human sexuality needs to broaden. Sign the petition of have this repealed here.

kudos to Corey Booker

March 18, 2013 #solutions

Mayor of Newark. I respect this guy. One time he lived on food stamps to demonstrate how meager they are. This is his response to a question on reddit about the role of social media in politics. Thanks so much for the compliment on my tweeting. It is such a powerful tool for connecting/serving/interacting and […]